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   Welcome Ghostly Visitors!


We are The Horrific Network, a podcasting channel, film production company, panel hosting and theme park visiting group of friends that work hard to bring you all the latest and greatest content from all areas of the entertainment industry!

  Our Shows

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Horrific Podcast is our staple show that covers everything going on in the Horror / Dark Fantasy entertainment genres. Each episode features a special guest.

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Campfire Chronicles discusses films old and new and  debates rather or not it would be it would be a good haunted house attraction or not. 

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Haunt Season takes to you all of our favorite halloween attractions in California! Enjoy Halloween Season with The Horrific Network!

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The Tribute Show is now the home for all of our shows that might feature live podcasts, movie watch-a-longs, or special topics like conspiracy theories or spotlighting characters of theme park attractions!