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   Welcome Ghostly Visitors!


We are The Horrific Network, a podcasting channel, film production company, panel hosting and theme park visiting group of friends that work hard to bring you all the latest and greatest content from all areas of the entertainment industry!

  Our Podcasts

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Horrific Podcast is our staple show that covers everything going on in the Horror / Dark Fantasy entertainment genres. Each episode features a special guest.

Campfire Chronicles discusses films old and new and debates rather or not it would be a good haunted house attraction or not. We then draft characters and have them fight WWE-style!

Haunt Season takes to you all of our favorite Halloween attractions in California! Enjoy Halloween Season with The Horrific Network!


The Tribute Show is now the home for all of our shows that feature themed entertainment. Wither it be theme parks or sepcial events we will cover it here!

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Riding With Horrific features anything in the VR world as we feature new games and experiences in the Grid!

Cyber Horror Nights is where we either take you through a virtual haunt experience or look at past haunt events in great detail

Our Blog Team

Habu Stfu- Public Interest
Stacey Webb- Themed Entertainment

The Desk- Movie News and Reviews

Habu Stfu is an avid writer who enjoys crafting hypothetical fights and scenarios involving movie characters. When he's not dreaming up epic battles, you can find him exploring new coffee shops and reading books on philosophy.

Stacey Webb is a passionate blogger who loves nothing more than exploring the world of Disney, Universal, and other theme parks. When she's not indulging in her love of rides and attractions, Stacey can be found curled up with a good book or scouring thrift stores for vintage treasures. Her infectious enthusiasm and eye for detail make her blog a must-read for theme park enthusiasts everywhere.

The Desk is a movie enthusiast who loves to share his thoughts on the latest movie news and reviews. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for all things cinema, The Desk's writing is both engaging and insightful. Whether he's covering the latest blockbuster or delving into lesser-known gems, The Desk's writing is sure to keep you informed and entertained.

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